10 Effective Direct Mail Campaign Tips

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Everyone has their tips and tricks in every business, here are some of ours that we'd like to share with you!!

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by Esther Nelmark

Welcome to my list of 10 tips for effective #directmail campaigns!

Generate a list of your desired clientele

Keep a record of your clients or purchase one from us!

Know the demographics of your desired target for your campaign.

Make your mailing personal

Use your clients full name or “To the _______ Family”

Avoid using “Or Current Resident”, it looks too generic

Make it lumpy by sending a sample

Send something useful such as a gift card, coupon, magnet, notepad, or calendar.

Making your mailing ‘lumpy’ raises curiosity and gets your mail opened.

Tear out coupons and discounts – Offer exclusive deals for current customers and entice new customers with a great deal!

Make your mailing unique

Use an odd shaped piece, a folded self-mailer, bright colors, and graphics

Be straight forward and keep it simple

Keep your message simple and to the point

State your services in plain, easy to understand wordage

Use a sense of urgency or a deadline

Emphasize benefits for customers

Tell your customer how this product will affect their everyday life

Make it easy to respond

Have clear contact information and/or return envelopes

Track your direct mailing

Use a specific phone number or URL for response to the mailing

Put tracking codes on coupons

Advertise your social media pages and give #hashtags for them to reference

Run a test mailing to fine tune your method

Start with a smaller mailing or two and see which has a better response

Include your own home and business addresses in your mailings

Repetition is good

Don’t be afraid to send multiple mailings to get your name and services out there

The more people see your name the easier it will be for them to recall it when needed

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