Addresses and Mail File Requirements

Got some info and don't to know what to do with it?

I can help!! Below are some tips and tricks to getting your mailing lists right.

by Candice Pennings

When you have your own address lists available we can easily plug that into our very special computer program and make it mail ready. However we need to have a list that is properly set up in order for us to do so...

Mail lists need to consist of a few main key factors:

  1. Name - This can be a business or a person or even a family name! You can combine first and last names in one if you like, we can separate them out.

  2. Company - A company isn't a "name" according to the USPS, this does require it's own line and should not be combined within a name field.

  3. Address - This will be a valid mailing address.

  4. City, State, Zip - Again, these can all be in the same column or divided out.

Sometimes you have other information that you would like to add in, that's ok, we know that you might want to include more! This is what we need to process those requests.

  • All additional list information must be in it's own column.

  • The address column cannot contain any information besides the address, combining info like a business name into the address will cause it to be rejected.

  • Single spacing is required - if you use text wrapping to fit 2 lines into one row we can't use it, no wrapping.

  • When collecting address information make sure you get a mailing address, especially if it's different than the customer's physical address

  • The system is anti-attn, if you put "Attn:" before names it confuses the computer, it doesn't recognize that as a name, save yourself the time, they'll know what it means.

  • We can collect and process up to 50 lines of information (over 20 is an additional cost)! So you want to mail and then use the corrected info to update your systems, we can process it all and keep integrity for all of the other columns of information you send us, even if you don't need it for the actual mailing. Why? Because we're nice like that!! ;)

  • Most importantly, if you need a field definitely printed on your mail piece make sure to tell us, I can't read your mind... still working on that skill set.

Here's a quick list of information you might like to include in the address info:

  • Business name

  • Title - Don't have a name, just a job title, like Principle, this is the column

  • Street Line 2 (typically reserved for apartment numbers)

  • Customer ID number

  • Prefix/Suffix - especially if the customer has one that's important, like "Dr."

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