Data Processing
  • If you have your own client list(s) we can clean up your info so the addresses are up to date and there aren't any duplicates

  • NCOA (National Change of Address), CASS, PAVE, DPV Certification (I have a separate page to explain these guys)

  • Postal Presorting - we do all of the paperwork for the post office so you don't have to! (Trust me, it's not for the novice.)

  • Database management - so you don't need to mail anything but you want to make sure all of your records are on the up and up, we got your back!!

Lettershop Services
  • Inserting letters into envelopes (this is much easier with a machine)

  • Ink Jet Addressing (address, barcode, mail permit, etc)

  • Bulk Mail Permit - instead of using first class retail stamps, use our bulk mail permit and save some cash on postage

  • Labeling, metering and stamping

  • Tabbing (those little circle stickers that keep booklets together so they're not all floppy in the mail, we do those!!)

  • Plowfolding - aka folding the letters or cards

  • Spot Glue - want to add a business card or nifty magnet?! Guess what, we do that too!!

  • Postal Entry - we will bring your mail to the post office so you don't have to!

**Any services may require pre-payment via check or wire; quoted prices are subject to change after 30 days or if services change.

Mailing Lists
  • We're registered list brokers - we can buy you specified or general lists for a reduced rate and then we pass the savings onto you

  • Options for your lists can include: business or residential, specific demographics, life styles, consumer information, geography, and many more options

    • 500 males, ages of 25-50 in a 50 mile radius of your ciry, are homeowners, with an income of over 100k and golf... we can get you that list!

  • Reasonable pricing - we share our savings on data lists!​

Personalization and Confidentiality
  • Personalized Laser Printing

  • Statement Processing - Have monthly statements you need to mail? Let us take that off of your hands!

  • Variable Data Printing - Do you want your letters to be personalized for each client? That's what this is all about!!

  • We don't share your information or your client's, we can sign waivers for HIPPA laws

  • Are you a print shop who doesn't want to monkey with the mailing end? Let us take that off your hands, use your permit and no one else will know! Your secret is safe with us!

  • Some of our most satisfied clients are well-known names in the US, but we can't tell you who they are, isn't that intriguing? 

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